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bout my paper ark sz

[talking] b.g.
uh-huh im bout my feddi by all means
verse: 1
look here i be on a paper chase im all about my cheddar
i aint touching the mic if it aint five gs or better
i plan never to fall short again
i want game
wootay ima tell ya no pain no gain
i hustle hard for what i want thats how i get it
i struggle hard and if its out there im goin get it
if ya see cmr a dollar sign on the cd
somewhere on there youll see featuring the b.g.
me and my nigga b like suge and pac
we gettin our shine on all the way to the top
look aint no stoppin us boy dont try
when you hear it once it aint no secret you go and buy
you can lie bout this stunt bout that
you cant dodge these fifty shots im bout ta rat-tat-tat
aint nothin change still a busta wig splitter
straight hustle for my chesse ima money go-getter
(chorus) 2x
bout my paper my chesse so before my eyes close
i want my green ta add up ta six zeros
get yo fetti nigga somebody playa hate splitem
get yo fetti nigga somebody stop you killem
verse: 2
its all about benjamins thats all i wanna have
ducked off in my house with a hoe takin a bubble bath
sparklin marble coverin all my room floors
a maid in a bathin suit doin my house chores
do not disturb sign on my bedroom door
cuz my dick gettin ate by my number one whore
look im money hungry
bout actin a donkey
no longer a junkie
i got rid of that monkey
im cheeky i dont want you fuckin with my shit
my neck and my knuckles covered with crushed out shit
sparklin gold cover my muthafuckin grill
pockets filled with big head hundred dollar bills
fuckin up this rap game with these wicked rap skills
and aint far from makin gs ta makin mills
im a treal b.g. uptown hard hitter
on the real my nigga ima money go-getter
(chorus) 2x
verse: 3
oh i gotta get it gotta grab it
gotta have it
like snortin dope but snortin coke is a habit
i gotta see it gotta feel it
quick ta spin it
shoot dice all day with my niggas tryin ta win it
i rap hustle cuz im a hustlin ass nigga
also a gat totter bout bustin some ass nigga
so you can play with me bout my chesse
you gotta go fool in a casket six feet deep
sellin tapes and cds
like sellin pick threes
ring up a million sales we done hit the lottery
im a benjamin chaser
playa hata eraser
police have no case
cuz i do murders without a trace
im almost at home i done past third base
im playin with five figures when i get six im straight
if i catch yo bitch down bad ima hit her
paper chaser nigga b.g. a money go-getter


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