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thugn ark sz

i be thugging and it aint no secret
i run game so when it rains on me i can peep it
my mind frame set on stacking six figures plus
i let em hang so when shit gets real heads get bust
i aint the one that gets caught up and see an early grave
being all the way true to the game is how i was raised
niggas i came up under got nothing but street ways
niggas i came up under tote nothing but aks
they sat me down schooled me where at an early age
so off top i lay it down when i feel played
meet lil fat kenny, faire and my dog schraie
when i catch you down bad, where you stand is where you lay
i dont plan for the future, i live day for day
cross my path ill execute cha, respect what i say
vl niggas play it raw, you could trust that
i got the key in the car me and baby got the glock and map
we thugged out
chorus: repeat 2x

i be thugging and it aint no secret
i run game so when it rains on me i can peep it
i represent to the fullest what you bout im bout
freedom or jail im always gonna be thugged out, thugged out

lil geezy be thugging to the fullest
stay strapped, so when drama kickin ready to pull it
you want beef with my niggas, look here bring it on
im bout that dome checkin, and im gone let it be known
im a roam, through your hood when i see you duck
whoevers on the block gets two cause i drop my nuts
realism is in my nature thats how its gotta be
im a fire that cant be put out aint no stopping me
they dont call b.g. a hot boy for nothing
im bout gangster shit, and hoes know im working with something
i was chillin in timbermen with my dogs thugging
some niggas buckin
but alot of niggas button
the upt is where i stunt, nigga thats my hometown
and everybody knows that on sunday it be going down
so until i die ima be about that street shit
im bout mine
and i aint the one you wanna beef with
im thugged out

chorus: repeat 2x
look my block hot the law sleep every other day
we beefin off top, we creep every other day
my dog malcolm on a charge, he gets parole up in may
he told me where he left the glock, k????
i run with niggas thats bout drama, well lets get funky
slip i duct tape your momma, my dogs are donkeys
we bout are business, so you better act like you know
play possum, so its a must we play you like a fuckin hoe
im true to the game, play it exactly how it goes
i lay my rep down with the benz off the showroom floor
im swimming in a pool of hundreds
lil dougie be thuggin, but lil dougie got beacoup money
niggas know my click had the crowd buckin
niggas know my click is the click that be on t.v. stuntin
niggas know my click is the click, play with us and we bustin
niggas know my click is the click that be straight thuggin
we thugged out

chorus: repeat 2x

[b.g. talking]
off top
its not a doubt that i gotta floss
the hater wanna see me ducked out for sho
i aint even much haven that ya heard me
my whole click thugging
thats just how we do it
pants saggin ya heard me
t-shirt hangin nigga
fucking these niggas old ladys
and all ya heard me
we plays it raw
we aint taken no charge like that their
b.g.eezys in the muthafuckin house nigga
ten slugs and im out nigga
whta you bout nigga im bout nigga
fuck that however
it dont matter
thugged out


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