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snake mountain blues ark sz

mr. ten dollar man
let me tell you where youre bound
when you drink your green liquor
lord, youll roll to the ground

but you come around here
with your money in your hand
tasted my woman
youll die where you stand

snake mountains gonna crumble
lord, and fall from the sky
til that woman of mine
keeps on telling her lies

if id die lord, shed weep
and shed weep and shed mourne
as soon as i was buried
forget i been born

well my daddy, he rides on a long holy train
and the first winds of winter
well, ill see him again

and its goodbye to that yellow-headed misery ive known
snake mountain is callin
is callin me home

got the snake mountain blues x4

got the snake mountain blues x4

-[one verse of the original is left out.
it goes something like this:

well the snake mountain blues
have got me down low
i could die in the morning
and no one would know
well, my woman comes round
my body shed found
go down to dundee
(and) have her a time]


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