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ride night ark sz

verse one: lil wayne
head buster off top
grab the chopper and chop
at the top is my spot
and nigger its flip or get flopped
let it drip or get dropped
i represent uptown
i 50 round on clowns i turn smiles into frowns
i from the place of places
i be the ace of aces
you cant beat the b.g.
i went the race of races
solga box i lace it
yo spots in the world i takes it
bulldog barrel i shakes it
cashmoney boy paper chaser
evil look in my eyes
close shirts you die
camofauge dark sky bi-bi-bye-bye you die
i make all rules in the game
i break all rims to blame
i swang benz with that thang
ready to let my nuts hang
nigga duck or ya stuck
when the choppers releasin
lettin out them optimo demons screamin red demon
from the uptown region and im here to represent it
benz im spittin all black with a camafaluge??
seven gold darts street smart smarter than eurkel
lets go fist to fist knuckles turn purple when i work you
i ride a night rounds be tight
ill be light hotter than a candle, handle
look, so shine the light
i just might catch you set so (watch out)
you topped get chopped ya get wet so watch out
um, me and you two for two what you gon do
you flex with two-two
watch a soldier shoot how you do

niggas goin die tonight
heads goin fly tonight
when we ride tonight

verse two: turk
pimp niggas
fuck hoes
split wigs if i have to be cool
dont put a mask on ya face just be yo self
try provin??? to yo niggas my get dealt
i got a click thats stronger that pneumonia bitch
untamed gorillas play wit choppers aint takin no shit
dont underestimate nigga cause im young
have you heard that age aint nothin but a num and nothin but a thang
so if you get banged thats all on u
i spits more bullets than bone thugs speak to you
leavin blood stains in the middle of the streets
stank niggas cant let them fuckin niggas sprankle me
gank niggas im always labeled at the top rank nigger
i gotta chopper named frank and it hate niggas
stank niggas it gets the j-o-b done
you better run cause when bust its just like fun
treat bitch niggas like a stepson
unload reload bookah bookah the chopper come
the chest magaler
neck strangeler
uptown slanger
brain untangeler, ya heard me

verse three: bullet
gotta uh chop with fifty shots
ready for combat
fifty shots in my gak leave a bitch nigga wet
flat wit a bars head what you know about that
a hot boy hittin yo set like a bad wreck
wear a vest you could do that
i got some bullets comin through that
two clips take?? full off highly tips
the glock nine automatic? speed??
i fuck wit ballers and killers ask suga slim and b-3
fresh ordered twenty keys turned them over to me
hot boys and im gonna put in that upt
for shittie, get wit me, ogs falls for halves
a-ts kicked in the lab twenty gs worth of slabs
a-hundred gs and snaps two crazy aks
my people got kayed so ill be home in two days
suga slim and baby got the charges threw away
gave the judge a half a minute told dem have a nice day
suga slim and baby got the charges threw away
gave the judge a half a minute told dem have a nice day
now im back street im doin the same ol thang
a young nigga bout my change so im lettin my nuts hang
i run with ten ward niggas
bout it all real niggas
in the steel for real nigga


verse four: b.g.
i be quick wit choppers
splittin heads for nothing
big tyme hustlaz flow short and frontin
im bout money and power
nigga birds and bitches
collecting riches and eliminating snitches bodies in ditches
??? keep a price it cant no better
you know you aint never got a deal like this ever
baby gangster uptown representer
cuttin shit up chop you down off top youll remember
i be spinnin the binnin
no laughin no grinnin
drop my nuts twerk it up bitch im all in in
i aint cuttin no corner i come straight and direct
ill put in a nigga chest you gotta give me respect
fifty shots with an extra clip thats how i do
i gotta choosin menu and playa its all on u
baby drop it to me on the dl
and i drop to all my niggas on vl
put that coke in they life
let them shine and floss
young boss get tossed
if caught up in the cross
hot boys, fourteens and sixteens thuggin
put the icin on the cake get caught up catch a sluggin, nigga

(chorus to end)


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