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ferlin husky, ferlin husky arklar, ferlin husky ark szleri
1.aint had no lovin499
2.all her little loving ways312
3.all my friends are gonna be strangers374
4.all of the time404
5.alone and forsaken370
6.always in all ways380
7.anytime youre ready552
8.as close as well ever be640
9.baby baby4043
10.because youre mine571
11.big wind396
12.black sheep396
13.blue canadian rockies486
14.bridge i have never crossed380
15.christmas dont seem like christmas533
16.christmas dream395
17.christmas is holy404
18.cold hard facts of life347
19.common country man374
20.crying time402
21.danny boy497
22.detroit city347
23.dont count the diamonds453
24.dont hurt me anymore792
25.dont it make you want to go home470
26.dont let the good life pass you by492
27.drunken driver372
28.easy lovin592
29.every step of the way397
30.face of a clown372
31.faded love430
32.family bible383
33.farther along378
34.flat river mom400
35.flowers speak louder than words387
36.folsom prison blues393
37.for the good times392
38.forever yours469
39.from summer to winter375
40.get out of my life456
42.green green grass of home368
43.hanks song485
44.heart full of love425
45.heart over mind323
46.heavenly sunshine365
47.hello darlin536
48.hell understand and say well done523
50.i almost lost my mind382
51.i believe412
52.i cant help it542
53.i could never be ashamed of you371
54.i dont care1162
55.i dug my daddys grave573
56.i fall to pieces402
57.i feel that old heartache again335
58.i know youre going away455
59.i lost my love today349
60.i love you so much it hurts404
61.i mustnt pass this way again420
62.i promised you the world361
63.i saw god429
64.i saw the light411
65.i walk alone787
66.i will425
67.i wish it could be christmas all year long386
68.if youre with me835
69.in santas bag873
70.it is no secret444
71.it just happened that way391
72.it keeps right on a hurin452
73.it scares me412
74.its not me611
75.its such a pretty world today484
76.id be a legend in my time503
77.id walk a mile for a smile483
78.ill baby sit with you553
79.ill fly away503
80.ill sail my ship alone507
81.im not me without you anymore741
82.im so lonesome i could cry505
83.im the only one that wants me457
84.ive got a womans love455
85.jingle bells418
86.just a bend of the road351
87.just a closer walk with thee394
88.just another lonely night398
89.just for old time sake380
90.just for you363
91.just plain lonely371
92.lasting love402
93.learn from a fool370
94.let it be489
95.lets put our world back together570
96.little tom381
97.living in a trance387
98.lonely christmas482
99.lonesome out tonight408
100.lonesome valley359
101.lords prayer463
102.love looks good on you372
103.love takes care of me362
104.loves been good to me567
105.make me live again408
106.marie mary patricia eileen347
107.may you never be alone419
108.men with broken hearts389
110.missing persons388
111.misty blue392
112.money greases the wheels358
113.mother watch397
114.my adobe hacienda566
115.my cup runneth over426
116.my hometown427
117.my reason for living392
118.my shadow443
119.my special angel424
120.near you447
121.neon rose451
123.okie from muskogee381
126.one life to live781
127.one more time356
128.other woman452
129.out of a clear blue sky455
130.over you474
131.peace in the valley354
132.pickin up the pieces564
133.prize possession393
134.race is on362
135.raindrops keep fallin on my head482
136.right or wrong ill be with you490
137.rudolph the red-nosed reindeer397
138.san antonio rose587
139.santa claus is coming to town389
140.sentimental journey401
141.set me free561
142.she cheats on me415
143.sidewalks of chicago360
144.silent night423
145.silver bells387
147.somebody save me524
148.somebody touched me545
149.statue of a fool408
151.sweet memories348
152.sweet misery378
153.take good care of her370
154.tennessee waltz428
155.that big old moon478
156.that lucky old sun342
157.thats my desire549
158.thats what id do485
159.thats why i love you so much498
160.therell be no teardrops tonight464
161.theres a big wheel458
162.these are the reasons375
163.this little girl of mine396
164.timber im falling554
165.to my sorrow405
166.too soon to know376
167.true and lasting kind364
168.true true lovin644
169.tumbling tumbleweeds408
170.twenty one387
172.until my dreams come true372
173.up on the mountain top378
174.walk through this world with me391
175.walking on new grass309
176.walkin and hummin804
177.waltz you saved for me438
179.weaker moments383
180.what about me312
181.what am i gonna do now423
182.whats he doin in my world515
183.when its my turn again412
184.when ive learned enough to die487
185.where could i go but to the lord355
186.where no one stands alone364
187.white christmas430
188.white fences and evergreen trees363
189.whos next591
190.why should we try anymore395
191.willie was a gamblin man446
192.willow tree526
193.wings of a dove346
194.with pen in hand408
195.woman sensuous woman516
197.you pushed me too far386
198.you should live my life409
199.your sweet love lifted me358
200.youre always the one496
201.youre the happy song i sing469
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