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no one the wiser ark sz

our healin mark was reached
above this floodlit street
beneath a sliver moon

leaning with intent to fall
your gaze a perfect blade
my hand, a shadow

these secrets come and go
but every secret knows
its better to ravish
than to hold

are we right back where we were?
or just right where we are?
cant see it for the stars
but well know it when its gone

no one the wiser
no one the wiser

the healin deals been struck
pain is shit-out-o-iuck
neither one of us, too tired to love

just tired of bleedin stones
just tired of crashin slow
forever shoulda known

no one the wiser
no one the wiser
no one the wiser

do ya feel our ghost in every stitch?
do ya hear our ghost in every word?
are you my ghost?
or am i yours?
one thing for sure
time is gonna soothe these shattered
time is gonna heal things out of turn
time is gonna mark the place to start
but leave the ending for yourself

no one the wiser
no one the wiser


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