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last tears ark sz

these are your last tears for the century
dont cry them for me

these are your last tears, before the
party starts
dont throw them away

use em wisely, use em large
use em soft, and use em hard

once were flush but now were skint as
can ill-afford to waste our tears alone

these are our last tears for this century
dont blame them on me

this is our first, and surely, our last
to earn what weve spent

set em up, and knock em back
lost in the stars, lost in the scraps

next century will never ask you why
cares not if youve come, or if you cried

last tears of the century
they keep on comin

all the revolutions, theyve been here and gone
missed everyone

except the one that we have, yet begun
missed everyone

spin in circles, till were stung
by every heart, and every gun

put the future behind us, until we see today
happiness cant buy ya money, till we see today

and the only thing thats left to do
is to see that they dont cover you.....
last tears of the century


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