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john reilly ark sz

fair young maiden
all in the garden
strange young man
passed her by
said: "fair maid
will you marry me?"
this, then, sir,
was her reply

"oh no, kind sir
i canot marry thee
for my beloved
who sails out on the sea
hes been gone
for seven years
and still no man
shall marry me

well if hes in
some battle salin
well i will die
when the moon [?]
or if hes drowned
in the dark salt sea
ill be true
to his memory."

he picked her up
all in his arms
and kisses gave her
one, two and three
said: "weep no more
my own dear true love
i am your love
lost john reilly"

said: "weep no more
my own dear true love
i am your love
lost john reilly"


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