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inauguration day ark sz

im up to my neck
in the mud of inauguration day

they say its one in fifty years
that storm, that blew my dog away

and they say the road has been washed out
from rockport to concrete
and all the trees are falling down
and now, heavens at my feet

my wishes do my beggin for me
and like a beggar they do [learn / laugh]

frozen fingers touch my face
they tie a blindfold round my eyes

and im stuck at this roadblock
chasing fog and smoke
i guess the price of doing thhat was just
another killing joke

wash me down
wash me down

sing for me now
sing for me now

wash me from the hillside
and wash me from the dirt
wash me from your worldly claims
and wash me, wash me from your hurt

cause im up to my neck
in the mud of inauguration day


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