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press one ark sz

"its 6:56 pm central time, you have a collect call from a louisiana inmate. to
accept, press one."
"greetings hotgirl, whats happening on your end?
as for me over here, you know, a lilchillin
besides that sweetie, im just keepin it real
puttin up with these crackers in this hot ass field
but you know im a soulja, nigga try me and i spank em
but fuck, all i said was, it feels good to be the baby gangsta
tell momma i asked about her, since she say i dont holla
and when i touch down, me and her gonna get a bottle
shorty, ive been hearing that you been wiling out
everyday of the week, tearing the club doors down
whats happening with you woty? you throwing that pussy round
doing this for the lil time that im not around
dont get the game twisted, you better not try your luck
you know i aint the one, quickly ill fuck you up."
(press one to accept) "im in a messed up situation"
(press one to accept) "im in a fucked up location"
(press one to accept) "the whole world can relate"
(press one to accept) "its from somebody upstate"
that one minuet that i had, done turned into a second
i got a day and a wake up left, and ill be steppin
straight through them iron gates, puttin all this behind me
come in the hood on the l and you will find me
hoppin out of limos, poppin bottles its gravy
i know what it means when i get that phone call from baby
lets go to the mercedes, lock and cock something
a hard top six, or a drop top six, that would be lovely
my shorty thinks, she has 6 more months to play
cant wait to see that dick look up on her face
right now im with the fellas, ill go see her lata
cause she tries to be a slick ass playa
but i aint trippin, its cool, i gotta respect it
a s long as she dont get out of line in my presence
she still my shorty, gone be my hoe
cant forget that she was there everyday of my joust
chorus: 1 x
now its about that time, i go fuck up her dome
cause she has no idea that this hotboy home
it aint been a day, and im already on crome
im trying to imagine her face and how long that its gonna be,
when i hit the porch,
and put my soulja rees through her front door
when she still thinks that i have 6 more months
im creepin down the block, slowly i pull up
jumped out, said "whats up"
she laid up there and threw up
"whats wrong, dont act like you dont miss ya nigga"
she said, "i do, im shocked," "come over here and kiss ya nigga
i had to come suprise you, because you pissed ya nigga off
you dont respect me pussy poppin on nobodys walls
you my main bitch
my travel with cocaine bitch
set a nigga up, you wanted this position, so maintain bitch"
chorus: 2 x


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