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desert skies ark sz

blacklight fades
headlights switched off
the engine burns
as were rollin to a stop

lets get out here
lie down in the middle of road
aint no cars comin

only stars
and stars alone
the city at our backs
did you really think that it would last?

heavens trace
a trail of starlight gone
the city best forgotten

did the wind hit you in the eye?
or were you just about to cry?
desert skies......
this aint the place to turn around
never even said goodbye
desert skies......

a day so hot it seemed
like the rocks could sing
the sky so flat it seemed there was
nothin in the wings

scar on your lip
a story far too long to tell
the story best forgotten

our party in hells been cancelled
due to fire and thick smoke
torched up by its own success
do ya wish that we had never spoke?

yours and yours alone
mine everywhere thrown
yours alone

did the wind hit you in the eye?
or were you just about to cry?
desert skies......

all the stars are shaped like tears
tears are satellites
desert skies......


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