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crime story ark sz

thunder laughs and thunderclaps
the afternoons round here,
well theyre just like that

i know ya dont spook easy
i know ya wont up and quit
lets keep it like that
now dont forget

when you go and make the drop
if he dont look ya in the eye
well ya better just walk

means madness is takin over
madness is in charge
its come out of the woodwork

keep things close
keep the dogs at bay
just walk on by
story of a crime
walk on by
story of a crime

whole thing sounds harder than it is
timings everything
but then you knew that, before i did

if this turns into a circus
too much talkin, too much noise
walk on by
keep holdin on to the bag

theres a town on the spanish border
where you can chill
hes supposed to tell ya about it
but if he dont, head for the hills

find some empty olive grove
where you can stash the car
somewhere exotic
somewhere obscure

sometimes you do what is wrong
so ya wont do whats worse
if ya cant be righteous
at least be careful
just cause we feed the flame
dont mean we have to got burned


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