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cold eye ark sz

painted so many towns
painted them up and down
down to the broken ground
pointed the last one, for now

soon i will stow away
into the cool nightshade
watching fireworks fly
in the reservation sky

found only hell to pay
draggin these bones all day
sun-up to cocktail time
dragged em till i was blind

the field full of also-rans
stealin my used up plans
all of my friends were there
they couldnt believe i cared

when i put my cold eye to it x2
and i couldnt say no

luck is the thing i make
luck is the thing you break
after it all went wrong
before i was good as gone

deep in the beggin bowl
i found some scraps to take
drank from your poison jar
found i was wide awake

when i, put my cold eye to it x2
and i never said no, no i
never said no

when i, put my cold eye to it x2
yes, i put my cold eye to it
and i never said no, no i
never said no


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