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hot boys ark sz

nigga you peepin, cause im peepin for niggas creepin
im on my game ready to be releasin and rearrange
ya fuckin brain
carry and shoot that old 50 plus
out the clip these bullets rush, leave ya fuckin head bust
wuz up, i freeze beef like a deep freezer
ya talk noise, where ya stand nigga is where i leave ya
believe in me and my click, hit ya block erasin
leave ya thoughts wastin, i run a hundred miles paper chasin
im bout drama, foolishness, whatever start the trigga play
i had to spank a nigga believin what a bitch say
like k.c., i dont play
spin a nigga bin everyday
a hundred round drum on the k
leave ya set a straight disaster
ya got birds? i smash ya
refuse, i leave that ass, know that im nasty
no clues, i cant be caught
i cant be found, its all on you
i stop ya heart from beatin, down to the dirty-do
i leave a nigga flesh hangin from his chest
cause the best that he dressed
couldnt fuck with the smith & wess
b.g., black connection 226 start static
comin out a nigga attic leavin holes in ya carriage
i ride all night til i catch a bitch
and when i catch, i auto matic wet ya bitch
its that nigga off the block, call me the hood mack
disguised in red bandana strapped wit the chrome and black mack
check, while you be the playa hater, i be the bitch fader
bullets graze ya, nigga i tried to erase ya
pick the casket, dump the glock in the basket
i stroll slow, a tisket, a tasket
i brings enough of??? heat then i bring my boys
to destroy, chop ya down like a clown
that is my destination
and murderin motherfuckers is my occupation
youd rather face the nation than to fuck wit me
i keep a chopper, im a fool out that wild tc
good bye, better yet ill see ya later
im smooth with the steel and wit the hands im like frazier
okey doke yo bitch ass, then i take the cash and blast
never get caught, my trade mark is the black mask
226 tattoed on my over my heart
this here mark means that i was down from the start
releasin them cop killers and body peelers
i got ya, you bitch
now its time for me to drop ya
[lil wayne]
head shots stop, complete
50 shots when our choppers scream
havin trouble this evenin
leavin the scene not breathin
me and the hot boyz ride
cheif and gettin high
beef and niggas die when me and the hot boyz ride
girlfriend under the seat, driver side of the hummer
here comes the chopper drummer faster than a track runner
dont play the hard road cause the hard road will get you left
on your way to the crossroads, no tomorrow for yourself
wettin your whole set and where i think ya be at
attackin your old hood and where ya people sleep at
react, pure d-donkey, bout gettin funky
turk throw me the junk keep more ammo than an army
clips thats all extended leave you bended, rear ended
sks be sendin, slugs cant be defended
there goes the arrival, chopper spits five more
screamin lets start the war cause we bout survival
i gets loose, chopper, blast drastically, tragically
bloody, bloody bodies lie upon the ground raggedy
you turn around i got that red light beamin bright
you full of fright cause you know you might die tonight
i gets tool its, im ruthless, do more shootin this
bout gettin foolish, lose it, chopper, ready to shoot it
the head buster, apple and eagle, b.g., still a sinner
i got his body stank behind the carrollton shoppin center
baby, gimme the keys, gimme the gs, gimme the weed, gimme the mack-10
let me see whats happenin, to me these niggas lackin
some tellin me felonies was commited, some was acquitted
my destiny is to live not in jeopardy, to the death of me
i provide knowledge that spread like a virus
this a street orientation, you cant learn this in college
you be fuckin around wit the keys if you aint rollin shit up
i wish you niggas wit me, i would be sewin shit up
look, hide out in the cut
peep out shot, corey and buck
in an expedition truck
and brain fucked up from that dust
nigga, who trippin?
i aint trippin, you trippin
when i slap that clip in
you shittin like stool pigeons
thats my bitches, thats my riches, thats my niggas
thats my yayyo, thats my scale
thats my sale, thats my clientele
this my block, this my rocks
this my shop, this my glock
this my connection with the mob
thats my partna black saab
this my people, thats my people
thats hot rimmed regal
ask my lawyer, i do it legal
thats my credit card from segals
this my cigar, this my weed
this my newport, this my reefer
thats my old alma mater
thats my uncle drinkin that bottle
okay, im from that 3 and i dont give a fuck
nigga, i say murda, murda, what the fuck is up?
nigga better duck when i come around that bend, im bout that drama
with the dirty 30, nose dirty
and im from that 3 and i be gat totin
i feel ya body full of lead
put you to bed
and now another that done came up, fuck
i plot and make sure that i dont miss the hit
you up in???, i got ya, i hurt ya
now im up in ya rest area, finish ya
i come with a bouquet of flowers
within the bouquet of flowers is a 9 nickel plated to devour
and motherfuck anybody tryin to get yo back
they better be bout some comin around the men in black


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