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waitin for the upturn ark sz

shine a light inside your head
god knows youre there
clean the windows, wipe the tears away
do you live alone, do you try to hide
that somethings not quite right inside of you?
standing under a tree in the pouring rain
smoking someone elses last cigarette again
manifestations take shape
in the staring eyes of a bloodless face
and as the world moves on
the hearts & souls look back
like the sun sinking behind your head (?)
it gets you right there
i stock up my fridge for the end of civilization as we know
(id like to think we know)
its such a reservation...always
youve really got me
making love - loving you - over the edge - all over you
god, what is wrong with my legs?
theyve stopped telling me whats going on beneath my feet
and when the wind is blowing the windmills of your mind
to shine another light inside your mind


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