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twilight of a champion ark sz

the rising moon faces the sickening sun,
as the lights in the tower blocks go on, one by one,
a big shot, overlooking this black iron skyline--
surrounded by his symbols of prosperity--
sits back in his new leather chair
ripped off the back of some unfortunate beast.
im smiling through my teeth.
anybody can be a millionaire,
so everybodys gotta try
but by the laws of this human jungle
only the heartless will survive.
& down there--but for the grace of god
--go i.

the smoke & the steam, & the broken down dreams,
the hope, & the hunger, frustration & anger,
the little drunken lives,--
driven through the traffic lights
& away from who they are!

but ive been thinking of you--
in this great city of great solitude.

crossin the central reservation, of my imagination,
searchin for the world i...left behind.
a shadow hunting shadows of childhood life.
its all i want--& all i miss--
but how can i return, to a place that dont exist!!

from mombosa to miami, beiruit to bangladesh,
ive flown around the world standing
on the wing of a jet.
tryin to salvage my emotions
from the bottom of the oceans--

ysee i sold my soul, to pay for my dinner.
my stomach grew fatter, but my heart grew thinner,
i aint foolin im fallin, i wasnt wicked, just weak,
i aint lyin im dyin, crippled by deceit--

oh the hand that wrote the agony
has just begun--
will be the hand that pulls the trigger
--of this gun!!!


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