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the twilight hour ark sz

youre laying on your bed
and making shadows on the wall
its almost too hot to move
outside your window
people are driving home from work
for the weekend
but your waiting for the phone to ring
your gonna tell her exactly what you think

you practice getting your mouth around the words
that explain the way you feel
youve been scared to show your real self
in case she doesnt like what she sees
youve been a prostitute to humility
shes invaded your life
and youve got to live apart
in order to survive

you were emotionally independent
but starved of affection
but now youve been trapped by tenderness
and been beaten into submission

its now way past the hour she usually phones
youve decided not to tell her your little joke

where could she have got to?
why is she torturing you?
you roll on your side
and run your fingers through your hair
your scared of losing her
and facing yourself

a red sky at night may be a shepherds delight
but your cutting chunks from your heart
and rubbing the meat into your eyes
she cant leave you now
youve given up all your friends
youre relying on her
for your independence
she cant leave you here
alone and defenseless

youre relying on her
for your independence

youre relying on her


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