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fuck big boy ark sz

[first verse-tec-9]
im back again, reppin and i got my four ten
doin you in when i creeps and spin the bin
now the heat is on im comin to getcha
went through the 17th and couldnt even find ya
come to find out, that you were fat mouthin and youz a hoe
the only time you seen the 17th is at a show
jealous muthafuckas wanna be like me
i represent that 3, the capital t-e-c
you bitches better keep my name outcha mouth
before i get a bag of that fire and wait outside your house
nigga, i catch a drain, aint no motive, aint no blame on what i do ya
cuz ima fuck over you
now whats up? cuz i dont think you ready to see no blood
fuck all that asshole and leave ya fuckin head swollen
i hit like floods, better yet, i stick like mud
them bitches p-n-c, i leaveem in a pool of blood
partners-n-crime, yall some bitches, yall some snitches
you stupid clown, chuck gotcha riches
[2nd verse-b.g.]
partners you bet not do no crime,
get no time and go to jail
cuz in that two man cell, best believe you gone get nailed
mystikal youz a hoe, its time i ietcha know
yall aint ready for local five, got a boot camp fulla hoes
im gat totin, ready to leave your heart open
bullets floatin, hot nine chambers smokin
uptown, ya bound to get yall wig split
yall represent a 17th set that dont even exist
now thats a shame, you reppin just to get a name
you cant survive in this game cuz you niggas lame
im ready to take it to some "g" shit, street shit
where caps get peeled, and wigs bound to get split
im off valence, aint no doubt this b.g. aint real
im bout to -hic- hiccup some bullets out my fuckin steel
peel, make niggas kneel, bow down
>from this clown thats gonna put you six in the ground.
its time a nigga put big boy where the fuck they belong
rollin wit tec-9 snortin dope best believe its on
partners-n-crime you aint nothin but bitches
lick on the nuts and suck the dick
[chorus-lil wayne]
big boy know, they aint nothin but hoes
you can jump up on this dick, like a morphodyke, biatch!
[3rd verse-lil wayne]
say "ah ha, ah ha", yeah you thought it was funny
when you tried to rap, hunt, stunt, front, on ca$h money
you must have been jealous of that title that we holdin
try to rep on that local 580
you must have been too loaded, too loaded, too loaded
they tried to pull a lil stunt, on that local 580
wanna be pimp daddy, lil slim, and baby
they put that whole cmr all up in they rap
they had us on they first tape and they proceed to sweat
so lets show them wannabes what we made of nigga
try to knock a b.g., ima spray a nigga
swear to god you was hard, but you dont want none of me
cuz im a little-bitty killa off amelia east
so put two and fall, see i aint with that boy
cuz all i do is grab my 9 and break a nigga off
somethin proper, i will make you droppa
ima baby gangsta, not no p-poppa
this is dedicated to niggas that be fakin
tryed to rock the crowd for the turf but couldnt make it
it was complicated so how you gonna rock them?
while they was busy doin the hike and eddie bown
ima stand my ground even though you try to bring me down
cuz ima ca$h money clown from that uptown, and im bout it
nigga you know you not bout it,
come around my way ima have to get rowdy
[4th verse-b.g.]
damn, i hate a busta bitch talkin shit
but when drama time come they scared to do it
throw them thangs talkin hard in the mic
say it in my face, be a man, and lets fight
take it to the street with a real baby g
ima show ya i came bust caps send ya six feet
i aint bout none of that playin or assholin
nigga im splittin wigs, leavin heads swollen
mystikal slippin and on the pavement you get laid
light up through ya hoe, ima grab you by them dookey braids
putcha head down, cuz i heard aboutcha
in desert storm, uncle sam got that mouth up outcha
so let me get that outcha bitch,
ima run in your shit, cuz im a 13th nigga and im bout it


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