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soulcatcher ark sz

mirror, mirror on the wall
youve watched me grow since i was small
so what will i regret the most
the things i do or the things i dont?
the deeper you peer into my soul
youll find that i already know

but i cant say it
because i can barely face it
my life is halfway through
and i still havent done
what im here to do

even though the chances flowed
i sat and watched the hours fold
in upon themselves
to stop their hands revealing

what i cant say
what i can barely face
my life is halfway through
and i still havent done
what im here to do
my mummy said
what you give is what you get
and the only thing worth having
is happiness

but trapped inside my bones
fear, desire
and hope are on fire
and will expand like smoke

and fall down like rain


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