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song without an ending ark sz

i like you... i think that youre pretty good
but i think that you think, that i...
well... that im a bit undercooked.

im lazy, i play silly jokes & go over the top.
& one of these days its gonna get me killed,
& that will be my lot!

i suppose id leave you alone, after a while,
but ill lie in my bed, feeding my head,
until i become - fairly intelligent.

100,000 people today were burned.
i felt a pang of concern,
- what are we waitin for - a message of hope.
- from the... pope!
i think he got shot as well!!!!

when everyday of your life, seems the same
- as the last,
& you know who youre gonna meet
- & what theyre gonna ask
then supposin your legs just withered away
& you had to somehow slide around on your
backside - for the rest of your days.
imagine... that youre happy now.
its easy if you try - because were all caught
up in a mortifying loop - life.


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