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slow train to dawn ark sz

i followed that bead of sweat,
to the small of your back,
from the nape of your neck,
lightin it up, with every drag upon my cigarette.

it can run, but it cant hide--
like the unspoken feelings on your mind.
im too tense to be tender,
your too weak to be true.
you try to make it easier upon yourself,
by makin it hard on you!
but its the lies in your eyes
that make me wanna cry--
its just sometimes i get so lonesome
--i could die.

im just another western guy,
with desires that i cant satisfy
so all the love i gave to you
means nothing at all.
dear god, god, god, this slow train to dawn.

so are you lying when you say you love me.
im lying when i say i dont--
weve opened our hearts to let each other look in,
to have and to hold,
but its the words that remain unsaid,
that are the words i wanna hear you speak,
i bet the birds start singing, & the sun comes up,
before we fall asleep--

oh the tears in your eyes, just make me wanna cry,
its just sometimes i get so lonesome--i could die!!


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