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perfect ark sz

its a chilly english winter,
and solitude is never easy to maintain,
except when it rains.
so i hang an empty smile beneath my empty eyes,
and go out for a walk.
the wet morning sun reflects off the paving-stones,
while a little dog barks its head off,
in the distance.
chorus (x2)
oh, what a perfect day,
to think about my silly world.
my feet are firmly screwed to the floor.
what is there to fear from such a regular world?
passing by a cemetery,
i think of all the little hopes and dreams,
that lie lifeless and unfilled beneath the soil.
i see an old man fingering his perishing flesh.
he tells himself he was a good man and did good things.
amused and confused by lifes little ironies,
he swallows his bottle of distilled damnation.

people turn around with unseeing eyes.
theyre looking for something that doesnt exist.
the world you once knew is being eaten up by rust.
no-one has time for the past, but still, in god they trust.
the future is now, but its all going wrong.
bodies good for nothing, but its to nothing they belong.
people say prayers and some work hard.
if you give them all your money, theyll give you their hearts.
this town aint going like a ghost town.
its going like hell....
chorus (x5)


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