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cash money roll ark sz

(baby of bigtymer$)
nigga we dont drop albums, we drop classics
verse 1:
i aint even gotta tell u how cash money roll
i aint even gotta tell u we ballin outta control
cause we do shows all seven days of the week
top of the line rides flying up and down the street
any kind of car c.m.b (cash money boy$) boys could claim it
lexuss, benzs, & truck motorbikes you name it
rollin all the time gotta get my shine on
right here got the nine & in my left the primeco phone
rap dues i done paid it
im on a level that these niggaz cant fade it
nigga i been hustlin since twelve i done made it
rappin off nuthin but mannie (mannie fresh) beat$
he the greatest, but wait hold up, you aint heard the latest
million dollar contract a 150 pages, not minimum
we makin maximum wages
let me tell u about bayou classic how we played it
we hit canal (canal street) so deep click so strong
every vehicle we rode in was on chrome
the hummer sound had em jumpin in the superdome
we got so much money we gave the bank a credit loan
we go shopping and spend 50 gs at the mall
but that hurt cause cash money go still ball
until we fall
i aint even gotta tell u how cash money roll!
i aint even gotta tell u we ballin outta control!
(repeat twice)
verse 2:
im a baller, drive cars with big rims
leather seats, sound bumpin all in your ears
the dress code: t-shirts, rees (reebok soldiers) & bauds (girbauds)
its 98, my money stack it dont fold
im a livin legend, havin fire weed sessions
hide your bitch cause i will have in my possession
im top notch, it aint no secret im hot
you can spot, my rolex watch from down the block
i dont talk shit if i aint able to prove it
my wrist all bitch, especially in the dark bitch
im a young nigga, tru 2 da game nigga, fog
and playn with a little change nigga, fog
fuck with me i put a little over your brain
but fuck that i ride and let my chopper rang nigga
since 97 i got a lil thicker and taller
chancin 6 figgaz, im the cash money baller
chorus: x3
verse 3:
say b (baby), i heard cap had another baby
its a lil girl, pop the bottle lets celebrate
its your second its all good lay it down nigga
you hoe drove mutha fucker lay down nigga
you know i got a lil hotgirl to be
thats my world dawg she lookin just like me
im straight out all the old money from my old habit
im spended that on ear rings with 10 karats
i got my lil girl a lexus for when she grow up
i flying from tennessee to texas trying to blow up
i need 10 gs a show for me to show up
and six weeks for me and my click to post up
we shining, wearing rolexs that winding
stacking money for days nigga, big tyming
ducking hoes, shot callin, and ballin
keepin it real, with my back against the walln

i aint even gotta tell u how cash money roll!
i aint even gotta tell u we ballin outta control!
(repeat three)
i aint even gotta tell u how cash money roll!
cause it aint no secret nigga we ballin outta control!
(baby talkin shit at the end)


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