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cash money niggaz ark sz

verse 1: (b.g.)
money makin is my thing
a mill is what im tryin to reach
good shit to my peeps is what the fuck i preach
baby gangsta is my title
al kapone is my idile
to protect and serve
i roll with my assault rifle
jack niggaz for nothin less than a quarter key
take hits on buster niggas..... startin at five gs
oh, im the young nigga dressed in black on black
with glocks to mack in the hoop in dis black on black
spillin brains aint nothin but a thang to me
sellin cane and fame aint nothin but a thang to me
when you see the b.g.
i run wit all real niggas
valence and magnolias
it list nothing but trill niggas
and we get ill, tryin pay the bills, nigga
use the skills to hustlin to make a mill nigga
for information were beachin to make you squeel nigga
dont spill, we use the index finger to kill nigga
how u feel gettin caught up in my paper chase
ya feel the deal gettin caught up in my paper chase
go out the way for my pockets to be nice and fat
i tote that k for my pockets to be nice and fat
picture a nigger from uptown wit a million
actin bad, buyin motherfuckin buildins
get out the way or give your cash to me
you see, i bring heat backed up by b.g.
young niggas gettin busy
totin ks like it aint nothin
uptown niggas buckin like it aint nothin
baby given coke to the young soldiers
i told ya we takin over
knockin heads off shoulders
think you boulder cause you older, but im colder
with the trigger ill run all over ya
niggas talkin yat and stuff
wan be rough, but ima see if you can back it up
wan be tough
lets take to a triller level
lets get iller like a guerilla
on the killer level
just fuck wit me thats all im wishin
ima dust ya
because i know youre softer than whoopie cushion
i be dishin clips in and out like a??? cat
come from the back in black
ready t-t-to attack-tack
ill leave ya flat, nigga

cashmoney niggas got the biggest guns
its like the hip to the hop
the glock to the hip
you best rush home
for you get bust on....skip

verse 2: (turk)
im tryin to be cool in this game
this shits nothin nice
play wit niggas dese days
theyll leave yo body cold as ice
but i say fuck em all
my ball never fall
five feet eight inches tall
my back against the wall
all i do is fuck hoes
i got dreams to make a mill
like them niggas in the nolia
the hustlin skills pays my bills
but still keep my hand on my glock just in case
niggas tryna plot seventeen shots gonna stop
the many tracks and thats a fact
leavin niggas on they back
bitches play goin get smacked
espicially if i dont disrespect you
and you disrespect me
ima have to show ya
that im out that fuckin m-a-g(magnolia)
im keepin it real wit my click, 226
smoke weed, hit p, get a lil dizzy
take sips off daquiries
ridin five-hundreds benz across town
me, duga, and b gettin to down
actin wild, three young niggers
dont mind pullin the fuckin trigger

baby:thats the return of the trill as niggers

verse 3: (bullet)
livin uptown you gots to flight
get down and take it like
high school?????
and ill be finish over night
28 grams and its on
the make me four gs strong
young ballers stay shop
???? and???
hoes on my bones
i bust a nut and i quit
lil?? be my click
back to this gangsta shit
im movin six tryin to get rich
do my third to bricks
now where i lay my head at
small baller beleive that
thats why i get paid at
off some silver??
dressed in black
wit two gats a glock and mac
you gots to play it like that
????? and dem sacs
snatchin grounds or get jacked
now grab that thing and bust back
i got some killers on my team out that s.t.p.
dugie, nautice, goldface, and j.b.
?? broke out a house???????
???????? s-t tryna get my nose dirty


(manny and baby talk till end)


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