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helpline operator ark sz

i watch the sun go down on london town
i wait for the night voices to sound
i smell the pain upon the breath of the lost & lonely
i hear the thoughts that whisper in the hearts of all men.

im the helpline operator & ill spare you the time.
im the intimate stranger. your problems will be mine.

put your tongue into the mouthpiece
and whisper in my ear.
admit to me
the things you cant admit to yourself.
admit to me & no one else.
everybodys looking for someone
to tell them what they want to hear.
everybodys looking for true love
to help them feel what they cannot feel.

im the helpline operator, can you spare me the time.
im the intimate stranger. your problems will be mine.
im the helpline operator.
helpline operator. (x3)

true love will come
true love will come

helpline operator. (x4)


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