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gravitate to me ark sz

ive been watching you for ages
youre like a boat without a mast
struggling with the tide of destiny
between the future and the past

i am the lighthouse
i am the sea
i am the air that you breathe
gravitate to me

through the ether and the mists of themind
you will come to me to lay by my side
to stroke my hair, to cuddle my flesh
and to quell the torrents in my subterranean depths

this world aint strong enough to keep us from eachother
for we are kindred spirits, born to become earthly lovers

and while my vanity struggles against my integrity
i find myself thinking, how deep runs my humanity?
when held up against eternity?

i am the lighthouse
i am the sea
i am your destiny
gravitate to me

i know you
from a previous incarnation..


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