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dumb as deaths head ark sz

accept your situation and your life will never change
should i do this...or should i do that?
and should i say nothing when ive got nothing to say?
wont someone stop me, im falling down again
am i losing my resolve to dissolve my weakness?
am i losing control over my spirit or soul?
this life will be the death of me
theres a silence in my head
my tongue is tied & my minds eye blinded
is there nothing left to say?
am i steeped in tradition or numbed by indoctrination?
i have a worms eye view of the world
i surround myself with familiar things
i feel my knuckles go white and i hang on grim faced to reality
if life is measured in seasons
my autumn has arrived before my spring
im becoming trapped in a tomb of my own making
dumb as deaths head
everything will be alright in the morning light
everything will be alright in the morning light
but will everything be alright in the morning light?


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