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delirious ark sz

when spring comes around & the ice runs away,
& the sun hits the top of our heads,
then the dormant desires, explode into life,
& teh body demands to be fed.

whispering sadness, like a mild form of madness,
or a line from a meaningful song,
turn your eyes to the lord,
but the churches are empty,
theyre is now no escape from your longing.

things are gonna start getting good,
...you hear them call,
you captured the unspoken feelings of my heart,
... which gave me a start.
i know im nowhere near perfection
...im pointing in the wrong direction
all i ever seem to do is sit here playing
around with this stupid guitar!!!

ive got a million ants under my skin,
theyre all digging a hole where the rain
- cant get in.

my world comes out
when the sun disappears
but my blood is turning sour with
- insect fear.

ive got a million beatles under my skin,
theyre all digging a hole where the rain
- cant get at em.
my blood will come out,
when the earth disappears
& my girl will turn to flour with insect fear.
why are you forever - under the weather,
youre at an age - where you should
be feeling good.
but when you hide in your bed,
& look in your head,
you find youve gone deeper than
you should -
it could be your shallowness
is your strength -


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