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another boy drowning ark sz

monday morning, i looked the mirror in the eyes
i think id kill myself, if i ever wet blind
your life is slipping away,
you found out youre older than you thought
- you were today

youve gotta stay optimistic
it gets harder by the second
we all know were edging our way toward - the end.
- carving hearts & crosses in my head -

theres people on the streets
throwin rocks at themselves
coz they aint got no money -
& theyre livin in hell -
but theres animals down the road
adding fuel to this heat
it never did take much guts to be a sheep.

there are no voices - as the time approaches,
i wanted to be like bob dylan
until i discovered moses
saturday night & i was lying in my bed
the window was open & raindrops
were bouncing off my head
when it hit me like a thunderbolt!!!
"i dont know nothing- & im scared
that i never will"

you pray to your god, that youll never
feel so much pain again.
but the agony - has just begun.
movin on, opening new doors,
life... just doesnt seem that simple
anymore -
& in case i dont see you again,
i hope youll feel glad that you
know me - while i was here!!!


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