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angels of deception ark sz

well its high noon at the u.k. corral,
& its high time i got myself back on the rails,
im the lonesome cowboy, ridin across the range,
with just a hand held radio--to keep me sane,
ridin through the f.m. stations, the tumbleweed,
& the petrol stations,
will all on board this yankee station
prepare themselves for battle stations--

jesus wept. jesus christ.
i cant see for the tear gas, & the dollar signs in my eyes.
well, whats a man got left to fight for
when hes bought his freedom
by the look of this human jungle
it aint just the poor wholl be bleeding!

most everyone round here thinks theyre something special
that destiny will be kind--
while theyre digging for gold, diving for pearls,
& aiming for heaven from this man made world.

come on down--the devils in town
hes brought you sticks and stones
to bust your neighbors bones,
hes stuck his missiles in your gardens,
& his theories down your throat--
& god knows what your gonna do with him
cos i certainly dont


down by the river, ive been washing out my mouth,
cos deep in the heart of me
theres a frightened man breaking out.
oh i was just looking for paradise
anywhere in this world
while theyre gunning for heaven--
from this man made hell!!!

angels of destruction.
angels of destruction!!!!


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