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gift from virgo ark sz

i wish i could look in your eyes
and tell you how i feel
right now inside
baby i know that its real
so real so real, so real
how i wish i could be with you
how i wish i wish i wish i could be with you right now

every morning, every afternoon, every night
i wanna be with you
it dont matter if we go to the park or watch a play
stay in the hotel room all day
i just wanna be with you
i love everything about you
from your old school tennis shoes
to the way you move when youre dancing with me

do you remember our first kiss
it wasnt long enough
remember the first time
we spent those weeks together
they were not long enough
all of our conversations
all of your sweet pages
theyre never long enough

when its time for me to leave
its so hard to say good-bye
i never want to say good-bye
i never ever want to say good-bye

one day well make love
finally ill be yours
only you only you
i could love you
its too late
i already love you
i love you
i love you
i love you


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