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so long ark sz

you never considered how i feel
show me something thats real
you never show me whats inside
the truth can never hide
how could such a simple argument turn into this
i thought that i knew everything about you
i pushed that flashing red button that set you off
i guess i didnt really know you as well as i thought i did
i guess that i figured out everything about you
i guess i know all there is to know
i guess that i figured out what makes you do all the things you do
i guess i know everything there is to know
you know you make me want to say so long
you know you make me wanna say goodbye....(goodbye)
how could you do all the things that youve done to me
and still have the nerve to say were still friends i dont know
they tell me that its all a part of growing up and being scared
when i was down and out where were you
you werent there!


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