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inside/outside ark sz

if youre fucked up on the inside, then youre fucked up on the outside
doenst matter what you say or do
doesnt matter what you think is true
dont look for peace on the outside man
just look for peace on the inside
doesnt matter what the others say cause all those mouths get in the way

youre just too hip, youre just too cool
but everybody knows that youre just a fucking fool
and youll carry that "cool" until the day you die
cause youre still full of shit and youre turning 25

if you wanna know the answers, then youve gotta ask the questions
"who am i?" and "who is she?"
and "does it matter anyway?"
youve got to look for love on the inside man
dont look for love on the outside
doesnt matter what the others say, cause all that shit gets in the way

you cant love me, and you cant love you
whered it all go wrong? cause i wish i really knew
that colors all the same through color blind eyes,
and if you think youre so different then youre wasting your time


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