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break the glass ark sz

theres something about myself i cant control
yet it happens time and time again when im trying to be
well i smash it down and break it down when im trying to be
well its such a shame its sad to say theres nothing to see there
i dont wanna talk about it cause you know i cant live without it
its a stupid fucking shame
and every time i think about it
i think im so lame listen | buy

i break the glass, i break it down (repeat 4 times)

whats your story, whats your sign.
no i cant agree
well you know youll never get it in this life for free
you can blow it down and break the glass
break my heart in two
but youd better be prepared its such a shock
theres nothing there

fill me up because im empty
why couldnt i just have kept me
you know it really fucking sucks
when i try to talk about it the words seem to get stuck

i break the glass, i break it down (repeat 4 times)

i break the glass, i break it down (repeat 4 times)

pick it up.


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