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hurricane jane ark sz

call me hurricane jane,
dry seasons over, here comes the rain,
sweeping over your plain, blazing as i go.
call me hurricane jane,
this kind of weathers hard to contain,
nothings ever the same, when i start to blow.

verse 1
far from home, lonely time
thinking about, you and i
pictures form in my mind, all of them remain.
here i go like before, signs that i cant ignore.
close my eyes, cue the storm
ready for the change...call me.

chorus rpt

rushing in like a flood
barren land, turns to mud
every thought heats the blood,
temperature will rise.
ready to pump and its all good
i love me better than anyone could
you inspire like you should and i cannot deny

chorus repeat/

said i rage like a fire, and i flow like the water
aint no surprise i was born under aries sign.
this is my body, so i do what i choose
nothing to hide when i am alone, cause there aint no rules.

chorus repeat x 2/


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