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bestseller mystery ark sz

oohhh you hit me like a high speed freight train
just when i thought all was lost
now intrigue desire racing all through my brain
i opened pandoras box
my best friend done told me that you were the shit
see that added fuel to my fire
with the eyes of an angel and a mouth made for sin
speaking words made to inspire

something gotta hold of me
hell o- automatic chemistry
this is the way i feel
youre just like a bestseller mystery
i cant put down
i need to read to the end
baby you flow so heavenly
gotta turn to page one
start you all over again

blazing front cover in every which way
tell me, whats behind that little smile?
i done read a couple things
i done read a coupla chapters
i like your turn of phrase
and oohh those lips beguile


i just gotta know
can i show just what it is
what it is you do, what you do to me
i just gotta know if i explode, you wont run away from me boy
i just gotta know, does it show in my face the way you look at me boy
i just gotta know can i go, unveil the mystery?



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