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the wolf ark sz

lead cocal: joey / paddy

watch out children

theres a wolf out there

open up you eyes son

cause hes gonna get you

lock your door at night

cause hes gonna eat you

don´t try fighting beasts

cause hes gonna beat you

watch out children

theres a wolf out there

never run against the wind

cause hes gonna win

if theres any doubt in your mind

check and see if its full moon out tonight

check and see if he got a tail

and dont forget to check his nails

guardian angel guardian angel

stay with me im on my knees

watch out children theres a wolf out there

he aint got no mercy

hes only crazy

dangers got you running scare

can you tell me were your going

take a good look in his eyes

dont shake his hands to thight

be aware of greeks gifts

hes a son of a bitch

your taste is in his mouth

he wants to have you now

yeah what are we gonna do with this big mean wolf

what are we gonna do

were gonna whack him

smack him spank him yeah

watch out children

theres a wolf out there

open up your eyes son

watch out children

he is somewhere i can see him

carry guns and knives tonight

watch out children!!!!


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