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one more freaking dollar ark sz

hey you listen body have you got a dime

for a cup of coffe

cause my body feels a kind a cold

and i hear the boulevard

i now he bered five years old

i used to go wacko with my friends

wed do any little thing

just to check in a little cash

all i want is one more freaking dollar

all all i want is one more freaking dollar

and next side they what they need

and all my family we wack like do a rich party

no when we meet at last for one milting stinky trash

now watch what youre about to give to me

cause my penns are too short

help me out i know that you can

anything is better then nothing


lucky blue came for the money in my pocket

theres always nothing

there but something tells me

someday ill be famous

ill trough andy yeah


hey you listen body


give me what you can

anything baby now

better then nothing oh yeah yeah

ill give you two dolars ok oh money yeah oh yeah


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