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brother, brother ark sz

brother brother brother,
no matter whos right and who is wrong
just want you to know my loves still strong
i wrote you a prayer with this song

brother brother brother,
you told me you broke up with your wife
theres been so much suffering in your life
thanks to the grace from above your humbled heart is alive

oh i pray for you cause some day
all loved ones die
yes i pray that were rejoined in the afterlife

brother brother brother,
your baby boy has hes mothers eyes
with the love of you both hell be strong and wise
once his muscles are grown youll be running side by side

brother younger brother you and your fiancee are one
im sure the fruits of your love will be passed on
to the beautiful children still to come

oh i pray for you cause someday
all loved ones die
yes ill pray that were rejoined in the afterlife

father father father,
oh i love you with all my heart
youve done an amazing part
all the angels will come when youre ready to depart

sisters all my sisters,
i didnt forget you, dont get me wrong
ill express my love for each single one
in the future to come exclusive song

but in the mean time

oh i pray,...


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