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to be someone didnt we have a nice time ark sz
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to be someone didnt we have a nice time ark sz

to be someone must be a wonderful thing
a famous footballer a rock singer
or a big film star, yes i think i would like that
to be rich and have lots of fans
have lots of girls to prove that im a man
and be no. 1 - and liked by everyone

getting drugged up with my trendy friends
they really dig me and i dig them
and the bread i spend - is like my fame - its quickly diminished

and theres no more swimming in a guitar shaped pool
no more reporters at my beck and call
no more cocaine its only ground chalk
no more taxis now well have to walk

but didnt we have a nice time -
didnt we have a nice time
oh wasnt it such a fine time

i realize i should have stuck to my guns
instead shit out to be one of the bastard sons
and lose myself - i know it was wrong - but its cost me a lot

and theres no more drinking after the club shuts down,
im out on me arse with the rest of the clowns
its really frightening without a bodyguard
so i stay confined to my lonely room


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