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time for truth ark sz

whatcha trying to say that havent tried to say before
youre just another red balloon with a lot of hot gass
why dont you fuck off?
and you think youve got it worked out
and you think youve got it made
and you trying to play the hero
but you never walk home in the dark
i think its time for truth
and the truth is youve lost uncle jimmy
admit your failure and decline with honour while you can
and you think youve got it sussed out
and you think that were brain washed
and youre trying for a police state
so you can rule our body and minds
what ever happend to the great empire?
you bastards haved turned it into manure
time for the young to stick together now
i bet you sleep at night with silk sheets and a clean mind
while killers roam the streets in numbers dressed in blue
and youre trying to hide it from us
but you know what i mean
bring forward those six pigs
we wanna see them swing sod high


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