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the place i love ark sz

the place i love is a million miles away,
its too far for the eye to see
still its me at least, and you cant come there
no one is allowed at all
only animals that love, will always, only, ever could be
and its always at the back of my mind.
the place i love is overgrown now
with beautiful moss and colourful flowers
and goldfish that swim in a pool, theres a small brick wall

with neon lighting controlled by lightning
im making a stand against the world
theres those who would hurt us if they heard.

the place i love is no where near here,
not within a mile of those trendy dos,
where dogsbodies pick you up, and graciously give you a lift,

with cherished thoughts and bitterness.
im making a stand against the world,
theres those who would hurt us if they heard
and thats always in the back of my mind


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