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thats entertainment ark sz

a police car and a screaming siren -
a pnuematic drill and ripped up concrete -
a baby waiting and stray dog howling -
the screech of brakes and lamplights blinking -
thats entertainment.

a smash of glass and the rumble of boots -
an electric train and a ripped up phone booth -
paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat -
lights going out and a kick in the balls -

thats entertainment.

days of speed and slow time mondays -
pissing down with rain on a boring wednesday -
watching the news and not eating your tea -
a freezing cold flat and damp on the walls -

thats entertainment.

waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning -
opening the windows and breathing in petrol -
an amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard -
watching the tele and thinking about your holidays -

thats entertainment.
waking up from bad dreams and smoking cigarettes -
cuddling a warm girl and smelling stale perfume -
a hot summers day and sticky black tarmac -
feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were faraway -

thats entertainment.

two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight -
two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude -
getting a cab and travelling on buses -
reading the grafitti about slashed seat affairs -

thats entertainment.


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