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stoned out of my mind ark sz

baby when i found out you were lying
playing around and conniving
undesired tears i was crying
cause sugar coated as i was buying
i was just a backseat driver in a car of love
going wherever you take me
dont know why i put up with the pain
cause no one else can make me

youve got me going - stoned out of my mind

and when you led me to the waters i drank it
but i drank more than i could hold
and you took my mind off my body
and now you want to take my soul

where can i run?
where can i hide?
who can i talk to?
tell me what more can i do?

youve got me going - stoned out of my mind

playing around with every guy in town
its funny i just cant put you down
see my head - its spinning around
since the day you let me down


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