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saturdays kids ark sz

saturdays boys live life with insults,
drink lots of beer and wait for half time results,
afternoon tea in the light-a-bite - chat up the girls - they
dig it!
saturdays girls work in tescos and woolworths,
wear cheap perfume cause its all they can afford,
go to discos they drink babycham talk to jan - in bingo
saturdays kids play one arm bandits,
they never win but thats not the point is it,
dip in silver paper when their pints go flat,
how about that - far out!

their mums and dads smoke capstan non filters,
wallpaper lives cause they all die of cancer,
what goes on - what goes wrong.

save up their money for a holiday,
to selsey bill or bracklesham bay,
think about the future - when theyll settle down,
marry the girl next door - with one on the way.

these are the real creatures that time has forgot,

not given a thought - its the system -
hate the system - whats the system?

saturdays kids live in council houses,
wear v-necked shirts and baggy trousers,
drive cortinas fur trimmed dash boards,
stains on the seats - in the back of course!


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