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private hell ark sz

closer than close - you see yourself -
a mirrored image - of what you wanted to be.
as each day goes by - a little more -
you cant remember - what it was you wanted anyway.
the fingers feel the lines - they prod the space -
your ageing face - the face that once was so beautiful,
is still there but unrecognizable -
private hell.

the man who you once loved - is bald and fat -
and seldom in - working late as usual.
your interest has waned - you feel the strain -
the bed springs snap - on the occasions he lies upon you -
close your eyes and think of nothing but -
private hell.

think of emma - wonder what shes doing -
her husband terry - and your grandchildren.
think of edward - whos still at college -
you send him letters - which he doesnt acknowledge.
cause he dont care,
they dont care.
cause theyre all going through their own - private hell.

the morning slips away - in a valium haze,
and catalogues - and numerous cups of coffee.
in the afternoon - the weekly food,
is put in bags - as you float off down the high street

the shop windows reflect - play a nameless host,
to a closet ghost - a picture of your fantasy -
a victim of your misery - and private hell

alone at 6 oclock - you drop a cup -
you see it smash - inside you crack -
you cant go on - but you sweep it up -

safe at last inside your private hell.
sanity at last inside your private hell.


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