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non-stop dancing ark sz

non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor
non-stop moving, baby, baby
still you scream out for more
we dont care if it rains or shines
cause everythings fine inside, when were dancing
non-stop dancing
i said, non-stop loving, with my girl by my side
everythings just cool, now baby, baby
shes the sweetest thing i know
i dont even mind guys trying to compete
i know our loves as strong as the beat, when were dancing
non-stop dancing
people say were wasting our time
they dont seem to understand
cause when youre dancing all night long
it gives you the feeling that you belong
non-stop dancing, im truly out of my head
but i aint sleepy, baby, baby
you see the dance is my bed
things are really getting wild
the kids are screaming for that james brown style, when were dancing
non-stop dancing


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