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mr clean ark sz

daylights dawns, you wake up and yawn - mr. clean
a piece of toast from the one you love most - and you leave
you get the bus in the 8 oclock rush,
and catch the train in the morning rain
mr. clean - mr. clean

if you see me in the street - look away
cause i dont ever want to catch you looking at me - mr. clean
cause i hate you and your wife
and if i get the chance ill fuck up your life
mr. clean - etc. -
is that seen!

surround yourself with dreams, of pretty young
girls, and anyone you want, but -
please dont forget me or any of my kind
cause ill make you think again
when i stick your face in the grind -

getting pissed at the annual office do -
smart blue suit and you went to cambridge too -
you miss page 3, but the times is right for you -
and mum and dad are very proud of you -
mr. clean - etc.


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