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hey mister ark sz

because its real you think its a joke
because its on your doorstep you have to have a poke
at someone
its only a cliche because its all true
time after time it happens through and through
to a new generation

youre just so smug in your elected seat
youve got your papers sorted out but you cant find your feet
well, im not surprised

hey mister with your head in the clouds
you cant see further than the shillings and pounds
the things that you say dont mean nothing anymore
you have no control theyve broken down all the doors
and the only way that youll fix them up
is another war

if you think im gonna die in a financial war
youve got another thing coming and
and whats more theres lots like me

you juggle lives around with the stroke of a pen
but weve paid to see that move and now we wont pay again
the cost is too high

hey mister your smiles been erased
you cant understand why were losing face
perhaps its the promises that you never kept
"never had it so good"
well do you want a bet?


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