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ghosts ark sz

why are you frightened - cant you see that its you
that aint no ghost - its a reflection of you
why do you turn away - an keep it out of sight
oh - dont live up to your given roles
theres more inside you that you wont show

but you keep it hidden just like everyone
youre scared to show you care - itll make you vulnerable
so you wear that ghost around you for disguise

but theres no need just cos its all weve known
theres more inside you that you havent shown

so keep on moving, moving, moving your feet
keep on shuf-shuf-shuffling to this ghost dance beat
just keep on walking down never ending streets

one day youll walk right out of this life
and then youll wonder why you didnt try

to spread some loving all around
old fashioned causes like that still stand
gotta rid this prejudice that ties you down

how do you feel at the end of the day
just like youve waked over your own grave

so why are you frightened - cant you see that its you
at the moment theres nothing - so theres nothing to lose
lift up your lonely heart and walk right on through


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